EX 01.13.2023 – 03.15.2023
Mass Start 02.18.2023
Registration kicks off bright and early Sunday morning, November 6th at 8:00AM ET. Mass Start spots will once again be limited to 400 participants. You can choose from a short course (13-miles) or long (25-miles). Bike or Hike it’s up to you (and the weather). The mass start will highlight the historic west end of Marquette County AND the best damn fat-bike trails in the country thanks to the hard working folks at RAMBA (https://www.rambatrails.com/). The 2022 mass start courses were so good we decided to bring em’ back again this year. The mass start is a single day event.
EX helped Polar Roll post record attendance in 2022. Mass start events aren’t for everyone. Some folks have schedule conflicts or life just gets in the way. EX adapts to your schedule. Register for an EX event and do it when it works for you between 01.13.2023 – 03.15.2023. But be prepared… EX also means “extra enhanced”. There’s no guarantee conditions will be good, or that the trail will even be groomed 😂 but that’s why people sign up… because predictable and easy gets boring. The expedition series scores a 10 out of 10 on the Adventure Scale.
Regardless of what route you go know this… since it’s inception in 2015 Polar Roll has had a couple simple goals. First, we wanted to feature Marquette County and what our local trail organizations do better than anyone in the country: groom fat-bike specific trails. Maybe we’re biased (we are) but we think RAMBA and NTN (https://noquetrails.org/) are the best. And the second goal? Create an event that honors every rider from the first person across the line to the last. Polar Roll brings all types of riders together: Elites, weekend warriors, veterans and rookies, men and women, and kids. Every finish matters. We don’t go home until you do. Don’t talk yourself into believing “you’re not good enough”. Good things start with showing up.
You’re helping us build something bigger than the event. Polar Roll is a production of the 906 Adventure Team, a 501c3 Non-Profit based in Marquette, Michigan. Our events (Polar Roll, The Crusher, Marji Gesick) have given back more than $220,000 to local trail organizations since 2015 AND have helped create a nationwide community of people seeking the best version of themselves through outdoor adventure. The events have also made it possible for us to help seven Adventure Teams launch youth programming in three Midwestern states. It’s not about racing and podiums… it’s about challenging yourself, showing up, and getting a little better every day.


See you soon, Polar Rollers.