Gear list for the PR23-ULTRA (Polar Roll Ultra). You will find this list is an exact match to Arrowhead 135, the gold standard of endurance winter ultra events.

If you send me a text or email asking if a certain piece of gear will “be ok” I’m going to send you a link to this page. Your gear needs to meet the requirements listed below. You need to determine if it does, not me.

This gear is required. If you don’t have it you don’t start. If you don’t have it when you finish you’re disqualified.

When we say things like “you could die” we’re not trying to be dramatic. You could. Don’t under estimate what you signed up for.


• Minus-20F degrees sleeping bag (or colder rating). We’re not kidding.
• Satellite tracker/Beacon (we can provide if you don’t have one).
• Racers will be required to finish with 1 pair of hand warmers, insulated mittens, photo ID, and Insurance Card.
• Insulated sleeping pad – minimum 20″ by 48″
• Bivy sack or tent (space blankets/tarps do not count). Test it before you show up. We’re not kidding. Your life depends on it.
• Firestarter (matches or lighter).
• Stove.
• 8 fl. oz. fuel at ALL times (either gas, alcohol or 2 canisters of propane/butane 100 g. each or 12 Big (14g) Esbit tablets). Be prepared.
• Pot (min. volume is 1 pint)
• 2-qt (64 fl. oz.) or just under 2 litres, insulated water container. Frozen water is hard to drink. Do training real world training rides ahead of time to make sure you have your shit together.
• Headlamp or flashlight. Suggest minimum ~100 lumen good for 12 hours/bike or 20 hours on ski/foot. Test everything beforehand. Bring spares.
• Flashing red LED lights (and spare batteries), both on front and back of sled or bike or racer. Bring real safety lights or you will not pass the gear check. Keep ON 24/7. I’ll say it again – bring real lights or you will not pass the gear check.
• Everyone must have at least 10 square inches of reflective material on front and 10 square inches on the back of the person for this race. Easy button is bringing a reflective safety vest.
• Whistle on string around your neck to call for help, because your mouth is too numb to yell.
• 1-day of readily edible food at ALL times (3000 calories)
• You will be given 2 bibs. We must be able to see your bib number on the front of your body (outer layer) at all times!!! Post the 2nd bib where it is easily visible on your gear so your gear can be returned to your next of kin.
• Please have a plan for frost bite prevention. We want you to keep all your body parts.


• Helmet
• Extreme conditions mittens, head gear and outerwear..
• Down sweater, spare undershirt/socks etc.
• Over-boots, Gaiters.
• Duct tape, vasoline, sunglasses, lipbalm, moleskin, ibuprofin, etc
• Map/compass/gps. The maps provided with your racer bag do you no good in you truck.
• 5,000-7,000 calories of food, preferably items which remain chewable at way below zero and colder.
• Cell phone.