Our first measurable snow makes it official – time to sign the dotted line and get ready to ROLL. Bike (or hike) and Snowshoe events of fifteen and thirty-miles are your choices. Top secret changes to the courses – so secret Danny doesn’t even know what we’re doing yet! Sunday Pank-duro is being replaced with group Adventure Rides. The After Party is moving and will be better than ever. Don’t miss it!

Registration opens Sunday morning at 6am Yooper (Eastern) Time. To all of our friends in Wisco, 6am Yooper Time is 5am Cheesehead time. For a little added drama it also happens to be the end of daylight savings so y’all lose an hour. You’re welcome!

A word of caution. Polar Roll sold out last year before lunch and people were left on the outside looking in all winter long! Marji Gesick sold out this month in 3-minutes. The first leg of the race starts Sunday morning, be ready to roll!


The transfer deadline has passed. We will not do transfers or category changes at packet pickup. Don’t ask.

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It’s all about community.

906 Adventure Team is a 501c3 Non-Profit based in Marquette, Michigan. Since 2014 we have been creating outdoor adventure experiences for youth through Adventure Bike Club and events like Polar Roll, The Crusher, and Marji Gesick. Our take on life is pretty simple – it’s an adventure. In life (and adventure) stuff doesn’t always go to plan. Things go wrong. Bad things happen to good people and you don’t overcome it by complaining or pointing fingers. The truth is adversity brings out the best of us – by taking us down unknown paths to find it. 


906 Adventure Team uses revenue from the events to support trail organizations and create more youth Adventure Teams. 


The Marji Gesick will donate $27,000 to local trails this year, bringing total trail donations since 2015 to $216,000. 


In 2022, with the help of corporate partners, we invested $40,000 in youth programs for three new Adventure Team communities. Resilience, confidence, community, and a sense of belonging have never been more important than it is for kids today. Adventure Teams help them “find their people”, the way you feel like you’ve found yours at Marji. 


We want you to know when you support 906 Adventure Team and the events you’re making life better here in Marquette County and in communities across the Midwest.