“Polar Roll EX30 this taint is on fiiiiiiire 🎶 “

Ma nature served up more than a foot of snow and a 12-pack of hike-a-bike last weekend. Wonder how many people woke up Monday and listed their bike? 😂

On a serious note. Ya, it was tough but we saw people changing up plans and #adapting. We appreciate that, so do the groomers. Make the best of bad timing and luck or however you wanna look at it. The trails were downright soft – which is to be expected after that much snow. Friday and Saturday were pretty much a loss but opened a realm of possibilities for people on foot.

Social media seems to focus on the negative. You’ll see pictures of a “post holed” trail or the trademark rut left by an over-inflated fat bike tire, but the truth is the majority of people quietly did the right thing and changed up their plans. Thanks for that 👊🏼

Him: “He had a helluva’ good time, but was left exclaiming that he never felt the Type II fun.”

Us: “Based on the number of beers you guys had we would be surprised if he felt anything.”


GPS files remain unchanged. We always recommend downloading a fresh gpx from the site just before you go. If you download a file weeks before your trip up there is a very good chance the route might change before you get here. Make sure you test the file on your device and know how to navigate with it. If you don’t you might wanna stay home 😂


Snowshoe Sampler


If you’re new to 906AT events this will make a lot more sense when you’re done with Polar Roll, but we’ll share a couple of things that might help you understand the way we do things.

SELF-SUPPORTED ETHOS: You are on your own. No one is out there to save you. GPS is required. If you fail to use GPS or you don’t know how to use it and you get lost – we’re not coming to get you. You should prepare for the course as though it is not signed (and most of the time it’s not). You are responsible for your choices and their outcomes. In the event of an emergency dial 911.

MILEAGE: Advertised mileage is almost never the real mileage and nearly always more than advertised. Wrap your head around that statement 😂 If you load the gpx-file and it the course appears to be 5 or 10 miles longer than you thought it would be – you do not have the wrong file. You got a great deal 👊🏼

PREPARATION: Download the Field Manual and read it. Everything you need to know is in it. Recommended gear, the rules, the ethos of the event and culture of the community. If you haven’t already we recommend joining the Facebook community group too: https://www.facebook.com/groups/823174895142784