“Thank you for another great ride! A little more hike a bike than expected on the short course but over the years I’ve gotten use the “extra” FUn.”

– Matthew Baltzell


Bad news first: Both EX courses have hike-a-bike sections built into them. Now the good news: All ya gotta do is get through em’. If ya had any questions about how an EX course differs from other (mass start) events look no further than the photo above… or the photo below.

Per the filed manual:

1-19. The EX format is for participants who seek adventure, smaller gatherings, and personal
competition. YOU vs. YOU!
1-20. Participants are given a 60-day window to complete the event(s) of their choice.
1-21. EX format requires checkpoint selfies and may utilize ungroomed surfaces.
1-22. EX courses are generally less predictable and therefore more difficult.
1-23. EX participants do not use number plates.

This is what you signed up for. EX is meant to get you outside your comfort zone doing things you otherwise wouldn’t do… so you go home knowing what you are capable of, but there is a price to pay and you gotta be willing to pay it.



This poor bastard was off-course before they even started 😂 Do yourself a favor, Download the files, put the file on your GPS, and make sure it’ll load before you’re standing in the parking lot. Navigation is kinda important 👊🏼 Oh look… Matt thinks we’re #1 😘

Now is as good a time as any to tell ya… you might go through some dark times (literally and figuratively)… but that’s why we do this. You gotta get through it to find what’s waiting for you on the other side. It’s you vs. you out there. Just you and whatever is going on between your ears and 15-30 miles to sort it all out.

As of this morning all downloads are working. The Field Manual is up to date and the gpx-files remain unchanged. You are cleared to adventure.

“Otherwise the Harlow Connector as expected wasn’t great and then the west greywall section was just some character building. Felt like 20 miles at the time but realistically probably 0.5 or so.”

– Scott