Download the field manual and read it. Scroll down this page and read all of the updates. Download the gpx-file for your event. Load the file onto a device of your choice.

You are required to run the course on a gps. Signs fall down, get pulled out, and bears eat em’. If ya go off-course don’t blame us!

Do not poach another person’s race plate. Do not show up to a start line you aren’t registered for.


I’m writing this on Monday morning. If the next five-days are anything like the past couple weeks we have no idea what’s going to happen between now and Saturday, and it doesn’t matter. We’re going to ROLL WITH IT.

I bet some folks are on the fence right now. You’ve heard stories about how horrible Polar Roll can be. You’re watching the weather. Talking about the long drive. Wishing you trained more, or at all. Feeling anxious. Doubting yourself.


We have the choice to show up. Others don’t. It doesn’t matter how long it takes or how you compare to others. No one cares if you fall in the snow or struggle. It doesn’t make you “less” than anyone else. Anyone can show up under perfect conditions fully trained. You signed up, now show up. Do it for those who can’t. Do it because you can. We’ve got all-day… and hugs and bacon.

100% party, Zero percent DNF Saturday. The bar has been set. See you at the start line.

Download the PR22-MOD1.6-POLAR-ROLL-FIELD-MANUAL.pdf

Download the PR22-EX30FBv3 GPX file

Download the PR22-EX-15FBV4 GPX file

Download the PR22-EX-30SSV3 GPX file

Download the PR22-EX-15SSv2 GPX file

Download the PR22-EX-SSmalv1 GPX file

Download the PR22-EX-SShoblv1 GPX file

Download the PR22-EX-SSneglv1 GPX file


Double Trouble – Updates
Results: To be considered a DT #finisher you need to complete both the Night Roll + Day Roll.
You CAN do JUST the Night Roll. If you finish – your result will show up under the Night Roll.
If for some reason you cannot make the Night Roll you can show up in the morning. If you finish – your result will show up with the Day Roll. If you complete both you’ll be listed under DT.
Awards: You’ll get a cookie.
GPX-Files: You need two files – and t hey are slightly different!
Night Roll file: PR22-MSNightRollv1
Day Roll: PR22-MS30V1
Parking: You cannot park at the HOB. Options:
1. Park in Ishpeming and ride down to the HOB
2. Have someone drop you off on Malton.
3. Park in Negaunee and ride over on the IOHT. If you do this you’ll ride by your vehicle around mile 18 + 21.
* There’s no parking on Malton Road. 


Category changes, Transfers, Riding as someone else 
Transfers have been done since January and category changes will not be possible at packet pickup.
Make sure you read this: No category changes at packet pickup. You signed up for it… time to get er’ done!
One more thing… If you’re not signed up we’re sorry, but don’t try to be cute and ride as someone else. It’s not the right thing to do.



Like every Polar Roll before it this year has presented unique challenges. At least it isn’t raining or dumping three feet of snow… yet. Don’t worry we still have 10-days… lots of time for things to get worse  Kidding aside… there are a few things you need to know.

The groomers have been struggling to keep what we have open. Snow and high wind have been wreaking havoc on things. They go out and groom only to wake up the next day and the trail is gone. My best guess is that the short course will be around 16-17 miles and the long will be about 26. We are going to pick up a snowdog tomorrow and offer the groomers a couple extra hands to stay on top of it between now and the event.

Packet pickup will be bare bones. You can find us at the Westwood Mall (you have to go around to the back side). Go inside, grab your bib, and head over to Blackrocks. No vendors. No dog and pony show. Merchandise will be available online shortly after the event on a pre-order basis.
No after party, but we’d appreciate it if you would stop by Barrel + Beam and tell em’ Polar Roll sent ya. They’re great folks and we had a fun night planned before deciding not to gather. Buckles and medallions will be mailed after the event. I’ll touch on packet pickup and the after party. Sometimes doing the hard thing means doing the right thing, and by right I mean considering the impact of your actions on others. I don’t know about yours but our local healthcare system but ours has been under extreme pressure. We’re not looking at doing anything to make it worse. Saturday is our party and we have all-day. Bacon and Hugs and 450 of your best friends will be out there with ya.


4:00PM  Double Trouble Packet Pickup (RAMBA Trailhead – “The HOB”)
5:00PM  All other events packet pickup (Westwood Mall) (closes at 8:00PM)
6:00PM  Double Trouble Starts


8:00AM  MS-15 Starts
8:15AM  MS-30 Starts

The short race will start at 8:00.
The long race will start at 8:15.
Snowshoers line up behind the bikers in their chosen event.


Saturday, February 5 –

South Trails
is unavailable between 10am to 2pm due to the Eh Winter Experience so plan your departure accordingly. If you start at 10am or later, chances are you’ll be good.


You’re not gong to be able to park at the HOB. We won’t have space. You have a couple options. Park downtown and ride to the trailhead -or- Have someone
drop you off on Malton Road across from the HOB.

Parking is not allowed on Malton Road, don’t do it. We’ll have a fire going for ya.
DT riders have the option of riding Friday night AND Saturday for the mass event.

You will use the gpx-file labeled MS-DT for Friday night. You must have this loaded.
You will use the gpx-file labeled MS-30 for Saturday. You must have this loaded.

When you come out of the Hill Street section the course will take you through the HOB parking lot. We will be there with a check-in station, water, warmth and


We are making one last update to the field manual. The final update will provide maps for the MS events, a revised file for the EX30SS, and a time change for the MS events on 02.12.2022. This will be our final field manual update. READ THIS MANUAL. ON-THE-FLY UPDATES
After the release of PR22-MOD1.5, all updates and important event updates will be shared via this landing page. You’ll be emailed any time we share an update. We also recommend you check in to make sure you don’t miss anything.


We created PR22-MOD1.5 to set you up for success but if you don’t read it – that’s on you. Everything you need to know has been provided.


We’ll offer an online store after the mass start event, February 13, 2022 and will close the first week of March for ALL EVENTS. With the supply chain running two event formats (EX/MS) it made more sense to do it this way.

We could not put on this event without these companies to support us. Each and every one of these groups have a commitment to winter adventure in the U.P. and contribute to make the event into what it is today. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Learn more here.