Polar Roll EX Bundle

ALL 2021 POLAR ROLL-EX registrants will receive a custom pom hat and a copy of the event passport. Here’s how to claim it:
  1. Go to the bundle page on the 906 Adventure Team gear store (not the Borah Store, that’s different) and add the bundle to your cart.
  2. Buy some other stuff.
  3. Go to the checkout.
  4. Use the following code to get a credit toward the bundle price and shipping fee (for the free stuff): SNOWFLAKE2021EX.
  5. Sit back and crack a cold one.

906AT Gear store orders will ship mid-April.

Get Your Polar Roll EX Bundle

Polar Roll Merch

The adventure gear store is owned and operated by the 906 Adventure Team. You’ll find all of the latest Polar Roll gear, 906AT gear, and much more. 100% of all proceeds from this store supports youth programs in three Upper Peninsula communities.

906AT Merch

The adventure gear store also stocks a variety of 906 Adventure Team gear. Are you on the team? Well if you’ve done one of our events, supported someone doing an event, or just think we’re doing a good thing, then you’re on the team!

Borah Teamwear

The Borah store hosts ALL of our great designs on their awesome cycling gear. Browse everything from Polar Roll to Marji, and 906AT designs too. 15% of sales goes back to 906 Adventure Team to support youth programs in three Upper Peninsula communities. Borah orders will ship 4-weeks after the store closes.

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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

From Todd: I’ll share a quick story from back in the day. I was a 22 year-old truck driver running my butt off delivering groceries five days a week for SYSCO. In those days mail would come up from corporate and the sales team would have ta meet us (the drivers) to get their goods.. One salesman was a particular pain in da rear, telling ya one thing and doing another. So finally one day after wasting a bunch of my time I asked him, “What’s yer problem, bud. I got places to be too.” His response, “You should just be happy I get up every morning and sell groceries so you have a job.”
Moral of the story: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Great events require great trails, great trails get showcased by great events, and all of it requires dedicated great people, doing a lot of different things. One without the other just isn’t the same. When we work together everyone in the community wins, and when I reference community I’m talking about much more than just trails and kids. I’m talking about local business, our economy, and more. I was born in da U.P., moved and came back a couple of times, finally came back for an extended stay. I remember a time not so long ago we’d talk about how all the young people would have ta move away to get a job, and might never come back, but that’s changing. This crazy ride we’re on in showing folks it’s a pretty good place, some of ya are moving here, or buying a second home. Young families are coming back and putting down roots.
A BIG thank you to the dedicated trail organizations in Marquette County. We can’t do this without you! A BIG thank you to 906AT volunteers. We can’t do it without you! Finally, a BIG thank you to everyone who signed up and joined us these past couple months. It’s been one heckuva good time and I’m happy to report y’all helped us raise $8,325 for the trails.

Sponsor Spotlight

Some of our sponsors go the “bonus mile” and put together special offers for you, the Polar Roller.
Special offers from our 2021 partners

It’s all about community.

906 Adventure Team is a 501c3 Non-Profit based in Marquette, Michigan. Since 2014 we have been creating outdoor adventure experiences for youth through Adventure Bike Club and events like Polar Roll, The Crusher, and Marji Gesick. Our take on life is pretty simple – it’s an adventure. In life (and adventure) stuff doesn’t always go to plan. Things go wrong. Bad things happen to good people and you don’t overcome it by complaining or pointing fingers. The truth is adversity brings out the best of us – by taking us down unknown paths to find it. 


906 Adventure Team uses revenue from the events to support trail organizations and create more youth Adventure Teams. 


The Marji Gesick will donate $27,000 to local trails this year, bringing total trail donations since 2015 to $216,000. 


In 2022, with the help of corporate partners, we invested $40,000 in youth programs for three new Adventure Team communities. Resilience, confidence, community, and a sense of belonging have never been more important than it is for kids today. Adventure Teams help them “find their people”, the way you feel like you’ve found yours at Marji. 


We want you to know when you support 906 Adventure Team and the events you’re making life better here in Marquette County and in communities across the Midwest.